The available options to date have ranged from inflatable, retractable or plunge style ice baths and now, Pride on the Line have added the very versatile Recovery Bath Compact and Duo to the mix. Now, when you’re seeking ice baths for sale, you are able to purchase an option that is not only portable but is just as comfortably a long-term, stand-alone solution. With copious amounts of room, the Recovery Bath Compact and Duo are able to accommodate up to three or six athletes respectively.

Ice Bath Solutions

If you’re looking for an ice bath solution, it’s likely that you’re either an existing user of cold water therapy and are looking for a better solution or you’re new to cold water therapy and are after a little advice and information.  Either way, Pride on the Line can help you find the right fit for you and allow you to reap all the benefits that cold water therapy has to offer.  Those feelings of tiredness and lethargy in your muscles need no longer affect your ability to back up your training sessions or games week in and week out as you experience the positive influence that ice baths have on your ability sustain your output time after time.

Hi-tech Designs For All Athletes

Pride on the Line are designers and manufacturers of modern, next-gen ice bath systems suitable for use by all athletes, regardless of sport or level of expertise.  Designed and created by both an athlete and a Medical Scientist, the ice baths have been engineered to ensure maximum output for the user by keeping factors such as depth and hydrostatic pressure as key design considerations.  The double-walled recyclable polyethylene plastic composition ensures that they are both lightweight and structurally sound and also rigid enough to sustain approximately 400 litres of water in addition to approximately 300kg of athlete, at any given time.  This means that the Compact Recovery Bath can accommodate up to three athletes and the Duo up to six at any given time!

Compact Recovery Package

Premium portable recovery ice bath package for up to 3 athletes includes:

  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact lid

Compact Cool Recovery Package

The ultimate portable recovery ice bath solution for up to 3 athletes includes:

  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact lid
  • iCool Compact Cool Chiller unit

Duo Recovery Package

This premium portable recovery ice bath solution for up to 6 athletes includes:

  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo lids

Producing Safe Ice Baths is Paramount

Safety is a top priority and is reflected through the presence of non-slip surfaces on all standing surfaces both internally and externally along with carry nooks to help ease in the transportation of the ice baths.

Pride on the Line also understand the importance of convenience which is why there are perfectly positioned drainage ports complete with tap attachments on all of the ice baths, allowing water to be drained conveniently and to a suitable location such as for use as grey water.  In addition to the drainage ports there are also inlet ports which allow for the direct attachment of chilling/heating units to the baths.  Although the Recovery Baths can be used on their own, they can also be used in conjunction with these state of the art units which allow you to set and maintain your desired temperature between 5 and 45 Degrees Celsius with the simple press of a button.

To further aid in recovery, the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Duo has been strategically designed for use either solely for cold water therapy, or alternatively, for contrast water therapy.  The two tubs provide an ideal scenario for a warm and cold option and the convenient central step means that athletes can make safe and efficient transitions between the warm and cold environments.

If you’re familiar with Pride on the Line already you will know that the ice baths are taken to the next level by producing customised units to reflect your team or your taste.  There are 12 colour options routinely available with provisions for more obscure colours, in addition to which there is logo branding as a standard feature to ensure that each Recovery Bath is completely unique.


Manufactured To The Highest Quality Standards

Pride on the Line manufacture in Australia to the highest accredited quality standards but supply the ice baths globally, ensuring that athletes the world over are able to access the revolutionary ice baths systems.  Testament to this is the fact that not only are the ice baths used within elite sporting leagues such as the Australian Football League, A-League and National Rugby League across Australia but they are also in use the world over by equivalent sporting organisations.

There’s no need to redevelop your facility or use makeshift products for cold water therapy with Pride on the Line ice bath tub.  You won’t be waiting in line for an ice bath tub after a tough game or training session and you can relax in the knowledge that you’re giving your body the best opportunity to produce its best results!


When you’ve played hard or trained hard, you know the feeling the next day. That soreness that sits deep in every muscle as you gather the courage to move. Battered and bruised you ask yourself, “How am I going to back this up today, or play again tomorrow?”

That’s why you need to help your body recover. You can’t see them, but after a hard game or training session your body is feeling the effects of the tiny tears in the muscle fibres, the microtrauma and the by-products of physical exertion. But there is a solution.

The Ice Bath Recovery

For years, professional athletes and high-level sportspeople have been turning to the ice bath to help their bodies recover after competition. Sports trainers and physiologists have advocated their use and even gyms have begun installing the technology to help their members get the most out of their workout regimes – and with good reason.

How the Ice Bath Can Help You Recover

Hydrostatic pressure created by the body’s immersion in water can:

  • Promote faster re-oxygenation of fatigued muscles, by improving cardiac output
  • Help remove waste products from muscles
  • Assist in reducing swelling

Icy temperature, which is akin to the use of ice packs placed on injuries, is associated with:

  • The constriction of blood vessels leading to increased toxin-flush out, and subsequent rush of nutrient-rich blood back in to injured and fatigued muscles
  • Reduction in intensity and/or longevity of inflammation
  • Lowering of core temperature

Ice baths Are no Longer Just for the Elite

The Pride On The Line Recovery Bath Compact and Duo provide athletes at all levels with the recuperative and invigorating benefits of a safe, affordable and easily mobile ice bath – just like the professionals.